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Billings Computer ShopGot a computer virus? No worries, we can fix it! We have both intimate knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system nd some very powerful professional tools to remove even the most stubborn of viruses, trojans, root-kits and other maliscous software. We have removed countless thousands of them over the years. They keep getting more advanced, but so de we!

Some of our competitors will tell you that your hard drive needs to be re-formatted to remove a virus. Not only that, but they almost always lose your files and settings in the process. Don't let that happen; call us first! In more than 99% of cases a re-format is not needed and even on the very rare chance that it is we always do a complete backup of your files and settings first. Don't take chances with rookies or big box stores, call the experts at PC-Solutions.

Need virus protection? We highly recommend MalwareBytes and can install and configure it foryou properly. At our shop or on site at your location, we are your best choice for virus removal service.

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