Powerful, Intuitive, Virus Free

Ubuntu LinuxNot just for geeks as some seem to think, Ubuntu Linux is a very powerful and popular Linux distribution designed to work with virtually any hardware and with a very clean modern interface. Designed from the ground up for security Linux is immune to those nasty computer viruses and other malware are are all too common on the Windows operating system.

Not only is Ubuntu Linux extremely secure and easy to use, it comes with lots of software to handle every task imaginable! From a complete office suite (LibreOffice) that is compatible with Microsoft Office to a professional grade image editing program (GIMP), picture and music software, Skype, and much more; Ubuntu Linux has the tools you need to do anything on your computer. The system is completely customizable and there are thousands of additional application available for free download. Let us show you the power and advantages of Ubuntu Linux. We guarantee you will love it and the reduced stress of not having to worry about viruses is nice too.

Local Linux Experts

Although Ubuntu Linux is completely free, people often need help installing it correctly or sometimes even with other support issues down the road. Properly installing an operating system takes knowledge and experience. We use Linux exclusively on both our desktops (Ubuntu) and servers (CentOS). Need help with Linux or simply have questions? We are always glad to help or just give advice about Linux.

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